You Have Exactly What Your Client Wants!

Do you ever get nervous about selling yourself?  Or stumble over your words when telling an ideal client the value that you have to offer them?  Or hesitate to tell them the dollar amount that your services are worth?

I used to hesitate or sheepishly mumble, “I massage horses,” afraid that the totally awesome person I was talking to would judge me.  Then if they were interested in spite this pathetic display and asked for more information, I would down play what I did because I was afraid that I wasn’t good enough.  One time I went so far as to recommend a competitor because they might be a better fit!  Yikes.

Let’s shine a different light on this.  If you owned a restaurant and someone traveled from across town to get your signature dish, would you be afraid to serve them?  Would you downplay the best dishes that you have to offer for fear that no one would enjoy them?  Would you hide the prices on the menu?  It sounds kind of silly when put this way, but that’s what I was doing.

If you are making a similar mistake, remember that your ideal clients are thirsty for what you have to offer.  They are looking for a solution to their problem and you can be their oasis.  If you do not show up and stand in your power as an advocate for them to have their needs met, they will continue to wander the dessert looking for a way to quench their thirst.  You have the power to serve and fulfill them.

Take the time to find clarity about what exactly you have to offer your clients. This includes doing some work to understand your own self-worth and value. You are the answer to your dream clients’ prayers. Trust yourself, communicate clearly, and take inspired action. If you need help identifying the unique value that you have to offer your clients, check out Soulful Entrepreneurship for Horse Lovers.

A Message from the Horses
Download this guided meditation to tune into horse energy.

Relax in the heart-energy of Equus and hear what they are calling you to do.

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