You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

There are two solid truths in life: you know what you know and you don’t know what you don’t know. Seems pretty straight forward and obvious. You can only know the things that you know, right? Right.

Then why are you always trying to know what you don’t know? I don’t mean going in pursuit of knowledge and learning new things. I mean all of those stories you keep making up about things that you don’t know.

You do it about what is going to happen tomorrow. You predict with certainty how your boss is going to react when you tell her that you would like a raise. Based on prior interactions you come up with an entire story about something that you have no actual way of knowing until the conversation happens.

You do it about what your date thinks about you. You create a whole story about how he/she probably thinks you’re an idiot for tripping as you walked through the door. Unless they tell you their opinion, you don’t know.

You do it when you decide to not take the chance in your business. You think you know how that powerhouse will react to you so you don’t reach out to collaborate on the project of your dreams. How could you possibly know how they will react without asking? You are just shooting yourself in the foot out fear.

Stop trying to know what you don’t know. Instead accept the fact that you just don’t know. Not knowing means that there are lots of possibilities – some that you maybe haven’t even considered. Learn how to be okay with the unknown and become an explorer in your life.

Ask questions to make the unknown known. Seek out answers with a curious mind. I wonder what would happen if? I wonder what they would say if? And then go find out. Live in a world of possibility and adventure. Keep an open mind until you really do know for sure what you know.

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