You Are Intuitive – Trust It!

You know those moments in life when you realized that you should have listened to that little inner voice?

You thought about going home a different way, but ignored the impulse and now you are parked on the highway waiting for an accident to be cleared.

You looked at the glass of water by your computer and thought that you should probably move it, but you didn’t bother to take action. Just one minute later your cat knocks it over and drowns your keyboard.

Or what about the times that you catch a glimpse that listening to that voice paid off?

You just feel like you should call that friend that you haven’t spoken to for a while and she just got a tough health diagnosis. You think to yourself, I just knew I should call her.

You change your plans at the last minute and go to a different restaurant for lunch. You sit down and realize that at the next table is the very person that you have been trying to connect with for work.

We all have versions of these stories in our lives. Sometimes we don’t get the evidence. Sometimes we do take a different route home from work and never learn that in doing so we avoided a backup on the highway. Without a chance to see the evidence it can be tough to discern the cause and effect of our actions.

Furthermore, an impulse to take a certain action now has a ripple effect into your future. As time elapses the cause and effect of your decisions and the outcomes of those choices grow murky. Maybe you don’t ever put together how an email that you received gave you the idea to watch a video. On that video was a link to a service. That service gave you an idea and you pitched it at work. Just the right person heard the pitch and helped you launch the next evolution of your career.

You may recognize how fortunate you were to have that person hear your pitch and to give you an opportunity to launch. However, a lot of little things happened to lead up to that point. Chances are good that some of that was divinely guided. Some of that comes from an urge to take action. Some comes from a sudden spark of insight. Your intuition guided you to the point that there was an opportunity available for your career to take off.

You are an intuitive person. You have access to wisdom and clarity. Your inner being has the answers that you seek. The trick is trusting your intuition enough to follow it.

The next time you are searching for an answer, don’t get on the internet. Don’t start polling your family and friends. Don’t look for a class or book with the answers. Instead, close your eyes, tune into your heart, and listen. Set an intention, ask your question, and then be open to the information or ideas that occur to you. Be willing to follow the guidance you get. What do you feel compelled to do? Trust the insight and for it – see what happens.

A Message from the Horses
Download this guided meditation to tune into horse energy.

Relax in the heart-energy of Equus and hear what they are calling you to do.

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