What is a Ridden Meditation?

Riding can be a form of moving meditation.  When you do a walking meditation you work on quieting the mind, becoming fully aware of your surroundings and experiencing the present moment.  You use intense concentration on each movement your body makes to help bring you into this meditative state.  Walking meditation is often easier for an individual than a long sitting meditation because you do not have to quiet the body and the mind. 

I would argue that a riding meditation is even more powerful because you can use the movement and energy of the horse.  The horse is already living in the moment and much more aware of his surroundings than you are which can help you go deeper into your meditative state.  In addition, from this state of mind your connection to your horse will strengthen.

A ridden meditation is really a hybrid.  Technically you are sitting but your body is in motion from the ripple effect of your horse’s movement as he does the walking.  With regular practice you can get all of the benefits of meditation while simultaneously improving your riding skills and relationship with your horse.  Make sure you are in a safe place to practice your ridden meditation prior to starting.  If you need to, lightly work your horse first to take off the edge.

For more information on ridden meditations follow these links:

FREE DOWNLOAD: A 6 Part Guided Meditation Series for Equestrians – Take these audio files with you to the barn and learn new techniques to connect with yourself and your horse.  Click the link for more information!

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Explore the above downloads and articles to learn more about how to practice ridden meditation.  Please let us know what you think.  Do you have a regular meditation practice?  Have you ever considered riding to be a spiritual practice?

A Message from the Horses
Download this guided meditation to tune into horse energy.

Relax in the heart-energy of Equus and hear what they are calling you to do.

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