What If There Is No Such Thing As Evil?

What would the world look like if we did away with the belief in evil? Without an evil force, there is no longer right and wrong. Without right and wrong, there is no longer the need for punishment and reward. Without punishment and reward, there is no control. But, who needs to control anything, if there is no evil?

This is a hard idea to wrap the mind around because we look out into a world where we see evil actions from wrong people who need to be punished so that we can control them and keep ourselves safe. Right?

But, unity consciousness teaches us that there is only one force in the world. That one force is the light and love of Source energy. That one energy is what creates all things. If we truly believe in unity, then there can be no evil force.

I was trying to understand this concept while watching a very gruesome movie about the Vietnam War. I was hiding under my hood and trying to distract myself from what was happening on the screen. (I know, I should stop trying to watch violent movies!) As I sat there, I kept wondering how anyone could believe that there is no evil and no wrongdoing. Surely this is wrong.

As we left the theater, I asked Jason about this. In his very wise way, he asked, “Who was the wrong one or the bad one?” Of course, soldiers on both sides were defending themselves. While their actions were violent, the people themselves are not evil. They have the same divine core as all other beings.

As we talked further, Jason explained to me that there is no way to measure cold. Cold is simply the absence of heat. You can measure the presence of heat, but there is no way to measure cold. If you look up the definition of cold, we are told that cold is having a low temperature. The definition for temperature is heat. Cold is low heat – not a force in and of itself. The same is true with darkness. You can only measure light, not dark.

When we experience coldness and darkness, it really means that the heat and light are so little that we can’t perceive it. We are sensing the absence of a thing. If you can’t measure the cold and the dark, do they really exist? Our experience of it exists in our dualistic world, but does the cold and the dark actually exist?

I honestly don’t have an answer to this – it is way above my understanding of science. But, it is an interesting way to try to understand good and evil. What if evil can’t be measured either? What if evil is only the absence of love? What if evil is a force that we experience when the love is so low that we cannot perceive it? What if the only force is the love?

It is interesting to note that when we perceive a person as being evil or a wrong-doer we describe them with terms like cold-hearted or being filled with darkness.

I truly believe that if more of us could begin to live from the Soul – where love is the active force – rather than from our logic and understanding, we could change the world. The first Key of the Soul Code states that our experience is made up of observation and perspective combined. By changing our perspective, we change our experience of what we observe.

What would this world look like if we all changed our belief about evil? What if we started looking for the presence of love rather than the absence of it? What if the way to heal perceived wrongdoing was to turn up the amount of love that we have for ourselves and others?

Now that is a perspective that just might change the world.

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