Watch Out for the Eddies

There is something to be said for floating down the proverbial river of life and going with the flow allowing the energy of the water to carry you along.  There is no need to fight or resist the power of the water – just have faith that that the water is carrying you pleasantly along to where you need to be.  I have always enjoyed this image.  I picture that even when I get to rapids that I will have an oar, the guidance of my heart, to help anchor me and guide me through the rocks and seeming perils.

What if you happen upon an eddy?

I am picturing a tubing trip that my sister and I took down a river in Belize that wove us through seven miles of a river cave system.  It was a truly miraculous trip in which we could just let go and float – at times in complete darkness when we turned our head lamps off.  About half way through the trip we came to a sharp turn in the river that had a nice sandy beach on the inside of the turn for lunch.  On the outside of the turn was a very large, gentle eddy.

We were encouraged to play in the eddy while our guides set up lunch.  With absolutely no effort, we continually went round and round in a circle about the size of a baseball diamond.  It was effortless.  When it came time to cross the river to the sandy shore for lunch, it took quite a bit of effort to break free of the eddy.  In fact, my sister took many trips around that she was not intending because of the force of the water carrying her in a perpetual circle.

Sometimes in life we feel as though we are stuck and we can’t seem to move forward.  We can never stop moving – we just get caught up in a circular motion.  We are stagnating in the river repeating the same lessons.  At times it feels as though we are moving backward due to the circular nature of the eddy in which we are caught.    We are continuously reliving the same stories and patterns.  This can be effortless and feel as though you are going with the flow.  It can feel as though you are moving forward because there is always forward motion – round and round you go.

There are only two ways to get out of the eddy in life.  One is to realize that you are repeating old lessons over and over and that you are stagnating in the river of life.  You must set your site on a destination further down the stream and then put effort into rowing your way out of the eddy and into the river flowing by.  The other way is for a gift from spirit to catapult you out of the eddy and into forward motion.  Those gifts are often the things we call disasters in life.  They set you back on course by throwing you out of the pattern in which you have been stuck.

Do you feel as though you are stuck in an eddy while the river of life flows past you? Set your sites on a new goal and push through the discomfort to break free from your habitual patterns. Are you going through a tough time? Notice how it is helping you move forward – try appreciating the wisdom of spirit.

A Message from the Horses
Download this guided meditation to tune into horse energy.

Relax in the heart-energy of Equus and hear what they are calling you to do.

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