Understanding Your Batmobile

Your body is like a Batmobile. I heard this phrase used at some point and cannot remember who said – if you know who I would love to give credit where credit is due – and I can’t remember in what context they said it. It struck me as one of the best analogies for our physical experiences and I have made it my own ever since.

Think of it this way. You are a spiritual being – a soul – manifested here on this physical plane experiencing the wonders of physical life. When you were born you were handed your very own top-of-the-line Batmobile to navigate your way through life. You were born into a body that takes you everywhere you need to go and is equipped with some really cool features.

Unfortunately, you were never handed a manual for your Batmobile and so at times you do not understand what all of the bells and whistles do. Sometimes you ignore the flashing red lights because it’s unclear what you need to do to turn them off. You have tried so many things in the past to get that blinking hazard light to go away and every time it just shows up again. Without understanding what the lights are really indicating, you have created your own ideas about how to fix issues with your Batmobile, but they aren’t all that effective because they are not based the truth of what the hazard lights mean.

You are now familiar with all of the lights on your dashboard. Some you understand – like hunger – you know to feed yourself and you probably know what fuel your Batmobile likes and what fuel gunks up the fuel injectors. You also know how to move your Batmobile through the world and you have become a really great navigator. You understand how to communicate through your Batmobile – it gives you this wonderful voice and an ability to speak, laugh, listen, and relate to the world. Your Batmobile is so sophisticated that it comes with a powerful operating system that helps you – the real you – to make sense of the world.

What many of us do not yet fully understand are all of those many indicators that we know of as emotions. We feel them, we can label them, and we know which ones feel good and bad. The problem is that we left it up to the Batmobile to tell us where those feelings came from. The Batmobile looks out into the world and your operating system finds things, people, circumstances out there and says, “That happened, then this feeling occurred, so that must be the cause of this.” As a result, when the dashboard lights start going off and our emotions rush through us we conclude statements like: that person made me mad, if I could make more money I would be happy, or that dress makes me feel pretty.

Here is the big problem with asking your Batmobile to tell you about the meaning of all of these very crucial emotional signals. While the Batmobile is really good at giving you feedback about itself – the condition it is in, where it is in time and space, or any maintenance you need to perform – it is terrible at accurately relating to the world. That is your job as the commander of the Batmobile. It is up to you to dictate what the Batmobile says and does. It is also up to you to decipher the meaning of the emotions you feel rather than leaving it up to the body in which you reside.

So what are all of those emotions telling you? Those emotions are helping you to better operate your Batmobile. Your Batmobile is sophisticated and it comes with a brilliant computing system – your brain – and on that computer there is an operating system loaded that helps you to function in the physical world. The software program all of us have in our Batmobiles is called the ego. It is what allows us to think, interact, and live in this world. It is crucial for us to function in our physical reality.

We find the ego to be so powerful that we start to let that make our decisions. No one tells us that it is there in service to us. We think that it is us, but all of these thoughts and experiences stem from the programs that we are running on our Batmobile. Fortunately, we were given this intricate and complex system to help us keep the Batmobile in tune with us – we were given emotions.

Our emotions show up as indicators in our Batmobiles to tell us how aligned the ego is with our soul. When you start viewing the world through the eyes of your Batmobile and processing that information through the ego, the ego creates thoughts about whatever it is you are interacting with. If those thoughts are in alignment with your soul, then you feel great. If those thoughts are out of alignment with your soul, then you feel awful.

This is the system that was designed to help you control your Batmobile and program it to work on your behalf. The worse you feel emotionally indicates bigger discord between your ego’s interpretation of the world and your soul’s. When you feel on top of the world, you know that you are using your Batmobile as a tool and your thoughts and actions are coming from your soul rather than your ego.

When you drive the car, you feel all sorts of varying degrees of positive emotion. When you go on auto pilot and allow your ego to make the calls on how to run your Batmobile, you will get a mixed bag of emotions. When you start feeling really upset, depressed, frustrated, or fearful, it is a big warning bell telling you that you need to take the wheel because the ego is driving this thing in the wrong direction.

Your negative emotions aren’t bad just as the gas light in your car isn’t bad. Do you ever curse at your car for telling you that it is about to leave you stranded? Of course not – you go get gas. Your emotions can serve you the same way. It is up to you to view them through the eyes of your true self rather than the eyes of your ego.

Get in the driver’s seat of your life by staying heart-centered and acting from your soul. You can train your Batmobile and ego to serve you rather than allowing them to take you for a ride. To take control over your life and emotions it is important to make it part of your daily routine.

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