There is a Time to Drive and a Time to Idle

There are times when it is necessary to take massive action in your businesses.  Without a commitment to getting things done, you will stagnate and your business will not grow the way you desire.

There are also times to let your business idle for a minute so that you can rest and rejuvenate.  Last post we talked about the importance of giving in order to grow your business.  The truth is, you can’t give that which you do not have to give.  You must feed yourself, then help others.  If you completely run yourself into the ground, you will stagnate and your business will not grow.  Balance is key.

One of the primary reasons you started a business was to have a fulfilling life.  You want your business to be an expression of who you are, support your needs, and give you purpose.  You will not have a balanced and fulfilling life if you do not take time for yourself.  Your business will also suffer because some of the greatest ideas, insights, and ingenuity come while spending time enjoying life, having fun, and getting out of your normal routine.

You are not a bad person, or bad entrepreneur, if you choose to take time for yourself.  Working more hours does not increase your inherent self-worth.  Carve out time for your family and friends.  Plan time for your hobbies to get a release.  Budget for vacations.  Give yourself permission to enjoy your life and be grateful for everything you have.

Sometimes working less means that you can serve more and ultimately that is what will lead to lasting fulfillment.  No one looks back and thinks, “I wish I had spent less time having fun with my loved ones so that I could have made a little extra cash.”

Is your life out of balance? If so, what can you do to take a little break in the coming weeks. How can you spend more time cultivating your joy. Put your work down for a minute and do something fun – your work will be better because of it.

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