The Unfolding Awareness of Heartfullness

I have been working on increasing mindfulness for years through meditation and present moment awareness. Bringing the mind back to what is happening in this moment is an unbelievably powerful process. Many books have been written on the idea of focusing the mind on the present moment – I strongly recommend dipping a toe into this work if you haven’t already.

I am starting to feel as though there is a second step to this awareness work – I believe we need to combine mindfulness with heartfulness.

If mindfulness is a thinking awareness, then heartfulness is a feeling awareness. The mind is just half of the equation. It is essential to become aware of our thoughts in the present moment, but it is just as crucial that we learn to feel into each moment.

Emotions stream through our body moment by moment and carry messages and insight. By learning how to feel into the moment we can tap into our internal guidance. When combining our current perception with our current feeling, we have access to great insight. Learning to feel our emotions without judgement or an attempt to escape from them will allow us to break free from old patterns.

The heart is guiding us, but it is clouded with stagnant energy from years of not listening. Bring your thinking attention into this moment and feel what your heart is saying. It may not be pleasant at first, but honor it. That is what is happening – right here, right now. Only by allowing yourself to feel is there a possibility to shift the discomfort.

As I write this we are in the swing of the holiday season and I just want to reach out and remind you that consumerism is not the reason for any holiday. Whatever holiday that you celebrate, remember that it stems from some deeper meaning that is rooted in the values of your culture (your religion or your nation). Connect back into the heart of the holidays through mindful and heartful awareness.

A Message from the Horses
Download this guided meditation to tune into horse energy.

Relax in the heart-energy of Equus and hear what they are calling you to do.

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