The Layers of Ego

The image below depicts the layers of the self including those that the ego uses to identify with.  There is a description of each layer below the image followed by a more detailed description.  To find the light within it is important to peel back the layers and ego identity.  At the core is your soul or your divine self.  Dive into your truth.



  • Your soul
  • Your true essence
  • The piece of you that is eternally unified with God
  • The only piece of you completely identified with God rather than ego
  • Light, Love, Bliss, Peace


  • Consciousness
  • Awareness
  • Presence
  • The bridge between your God-Self and your ego
  • Split mind – one part is the Christ consciousness, the other is attached to the ego


  • Your physical expression
  • Embodiment
  • The illusion of separation
  • The Id – survival instincts
  • Physical needs


  • Your gifts
  • Talents and challenges
  • Likes and aversions
  • The qualities that you are born with


  • Environmental conditioning
  • Cause and effect – hand on hot stove equates to learning about the physical world in which we reside
  • Teaches the Id/the body
  • Confirms our physical experience and reality
  • Strengthens the illusion of separation


  • Societal conditioning
  • Shoulds and shouldn’ts – don’t talk to strangers
  • Right and wrong
  • Morals
  • Belief constructs about the world, others, and self
  • The Superego


  • Interface between self and world
  • Make up of current mental/emotional state
  • Current perspective
  • The energy that you are projecting
  • Affected by inner and outer influences

At your core is your perfectly innocent, pure, divine self.  The ego is incapable of knowing this part of you.  You can only know your higher self through your right mind – your higher self.  The mind is split and is currently attached to the thoughts of ego.  The body is even more dense and dark yet it can still communicate messages from the mind through the expression of emotions.  Love-based emotions are an indication that you are in the mind of your higher self while fear-based emotions indicate attachment to ego thought.  The body can act as a guide as to whether you are moving toward the light and truth or away from it.

You are born with your innate talents, gifts, and preferences.  Some of us make beautiful music, some of us perform surgery, some of us teach, some of us build things.  Each of us has our own unique gifts – the expression of who we are in this physical realm.  We flourish and serve others through identifying and expressing our talents.  Each person has something to bring into the world yet each of us is ultimately working toward the same purpose of discovering our true self, extending love, and practicing forgiveness.

As we move farther from the light at our core we are conditioned by the physical environment.  We develop the false belief that the world we see is the cause and we are the effect.  We learn through experience to identify with the separation.  We are conditioned to believe that we are in this world and of this world which solidifies the physicality of our world.

We are also taught all of the morals and beliefs of our society.  The people we meet help to create an image and belief structure that supports the density of the world.  We begin to form beliefs about other people, the way the world works, religion, science, ourselves, and everything else we come in contact with.  This is our way to categorize and label the world into good and bad, right and wrong, so that we know how to function within the illusion.  We feed into the mass belief that the world is happening outside of us rather than the world being a reflection of who we are and an illusion to teach us how to find our true selves.

The outer layer of our experience in this world is our current mental-emotional state that we are projecting.  It is influenced by all of the previous layers who we think we are and what we perceive to be happening outside of us.  We all know how different a person can come across based on their mood in the moment.  Your mood is the energy that you are currently emanating.  Your mood dictates your experience in life.

The ego attaches itself to all of the layers that surround your true self.  The ego cannot know your God-Self because the ego has no knowledge, only perception.  The ego believes it is your mind and that it knows your whole mind.  Yet, your true mind is one with God.  Therefore, you have a split mind.  The ego is extremely identified with your body and your personality.  You have the belief that you are your body and your personality.  You are attached to your separateness and specialness.  Ask anyone about themselves and you will get a description of their name, physical characteristics, career, hobbies, likes, dislikes, opinions, and judgments, all of which are ego-based identifiers of who you are in this physical experience.  The ego uses all of the conditioning and beliefs of the world and society to bolster its meaning, purpose, and identity.  The ego also judges your actions and reactions, which are based on your mood, to determine the kind of person you are.

For many people, the outer rings of their identity are the strongest and largest.  When you have any interaction with the world – and we are always in relation to others and ourselves – it is being filtered through all of the layers.  The outer layers hold a denser energy as they are farther removed from your core and are more attached the dense, physical nature of the world we see.  When the outer layers are in control of your life, the light within you cannot shine forth.  Your experience is going to be filtered through the expansiveness of your belief system, conditioning, and ego-based attachment.  You will then project that back onto the world and interact within your relationships from ego.

The process of self-awareness is recognizing the truth of who you are and coming to understand how many layers are piled on top of that truth and obstructing your ability to live with lightness, peace, bliss, and love.  Through forgiveness, awareness, meditation, and prayer, we can begin to thin the outer layers.  We can begin to deconstruct our attachment to all of the denser energy surrounding us.  We can begin to reveal the light within and extend love.  We can relate to others, and ourselves, more directly by peeling away the outer layers of our identity, by choosing to identify with the Christ consciousness rather than ego, and by honoring the magnificent beings that we are at our core.  We can move from the dark to the light and remember that we are one with God in heaven – now and always.

Spend time in meditation noticing each of these layers.  Can you begin to peel them away one at a time and find the very center of who you are?  Your soul is not an illusive thing – it is the very essence of who you are.  Get to know it and you will come to find your own truth and meaning.

A Message from the Horses
Download this guided meditation to tune into horse energy.

Relax in the heart-energy of Equus and hear what they are calling you to do.

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