As I came to understand the law of attraction, I developed the misperception that I could control my life by controlling my thoughts.  I began to think that if I could just think with great determination about what I want, I would be able to create that in my reality.  While it is true that our thoughts create our reality, I was mistaken in believing that I knew what is in my best interest and that I had to control the outcome of my life circumstances.

As individuals we have a limited perception of reality.  How many times in your life did something really “bad” happen, or you seemingly didn’t get what you wanted, only to look back later to realize that everything worked out perfectly in the end.  Perhaps you were upset about a job that you didn’t get but a few weeks later you met a person who offered you the true opportunity of your dreams.  There was no way that you could have predicted such a miraculous occurrence.

Furthermore, if we are grasping for an outcome then the overall sensation is that of striving, struggling, and fighting against our experience.  That actually becomes the predominant message that we are sending out and we receive more of the same.  We actually have to develop a sense of non-attachment toward the outcome – this is the challenge.

We must trust.  We must “let go and let God”.  We must surrender.  We have to trust in the organizing wisdom of the universe and believe that everything is working out in our favor even if does not appear that way from our limited perspective.  We must let go of the striving and give our needs to the forces that can fulfill our desires.  We must believe that miracles are possible and that the very thing we need could show up at any moment in all sorts of different disguises – if we are open to the idea.

When you say a prayer – or make a statement about what you want to attract into your life – you must let it go.  If you continue to hold onto it and ask for the same thing over and over and over then you are stating your disbelief in the power of prayer and/or the law of attraction.  If you do not surrender the desire then there is no room for love to flow into your life and fill your heart.  True manifestation happens when you release love into the field of all possibilities, you allow God/source/the universe to organize the best possible result for your highest good, and you respond with gratitude to all of the miracles that show up in your life.

Write down your dreams and prayers and then release them. You can even set up a ceremony or ritual around it where you light them on fire and let them go. See what happens when you learn to go with the flow.

A Message from the Horses
Download this guided meditation to tune into horse energy.

Relax in the heart-energy of Equus and hear what they are calling you to do.

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