Spiritual Seekers

With horses as my partner, I feel called to support spiritual seekers – including healers, teachers, lightworkers, and way showers from all different walks of life. Whatever way that you are called to show up in this world, you can find support here at Soulful Horsemanship. Whether you want to build a stronger business, dive into your spiritual awakening, or build a stronger connection with your horse, you will find the inspiration you are looking for.

You are a Lightworker if you are dedicated to finding Soul-inspired solutions for your life. Unlike so many, you are ready and willing to work on yourself. You also want to make a positive impact on others. You want to be able to help others and stop the needless suffering that you see in the world. You have a huge heart and are looking for a way to fully express your brilliance and purpose in this life. Let us support you on your journey.

Become a Peace Weaver

I believe that we – as individuals working together in community – have the power to heal the pain and suffering that we witness. By healing ourselves, we are able to ripple greater peace, love, and joy throughout the world. When we begin to live soulfully we not only feel better, but we help others to feel better as well.

A Peace Weaver is a person who takes responsibility for the energy that they are sharing with the world. When you find a sense of inner peace, that vibration ripples out into the world effecting all others through the web of light. Connect with your Soul for greater inspiration and guidance so you may move through life with grace.

The Soul Code, Unlock Your Intuition
A Love Letter from Soul

Start Your Heart-Centered Business

If you want to shine bright in the world and share your divine gifts with others, then starting your own business may be the step that you are called to take. It can feel overwhelming to become an entrepreneur. You are a creative – healer – teacher – intuitive – way shower. That does not necessarily mean you have the skills to package your Soul’s light into an offering for others. Get the support you need to show up and share the light of your Soul with those who are waiting for the very thing that you have to offer.

Consulting Support for Innovative Program Development

Soulful Entrepreneurship, A Guide to Creating & Growing a Values-Based Business

Continue Your Healing Journey

Horse teaches us the spiritual lessons of freedom, autonomy, empowerment, truth, and authenticity. They are great teachers and wise healers. When we work with horses who are healed of their past traumas, we witness a level of strength and presence most have never before experienced. They call us into our own greatness so that we remember who we really are.

Soulful Horsemanship, A Path to Emotional Freedom for the Horse and Human
A Journey through the Heart with Horses, A Companion to Soulful Horsemanship

Author Support

Have you written a book that you would like to share with the world? Do you think that self-publishing might be a good choice for you, but you are overwhelmed with questions and logistics. I can help you on your journey of exploring the world of self-publshing. s a self-published author of numerous books, workbooks, audio CDS, and online classes, I have learned a few things over the years. I would love to help you share your voice with a wider audience.

Consulting Support to Self-Publish your Work
Audiobook Narration Service

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