Soulful Horsemanship

Please Note: this title is no longer available for sale. 

I am so sorry for any inconvenience. Due a trademark issue with the name, we have removed the book from the market. Instead of giving it a new title and re-publishing it (which would cause confusion for my customers), I have decided to take everything that I learned from my beloved first book and write new, fresh material.

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Are you seeking a partnership with your horse that is empowering and liberating for you both? Soulful Horsemanship weaves together traditional and natural horsemanship methods, the emerging wisdom of the equine assisted growth and learning field, and spiritual theory to present a powerful means of building partnership between horse and human.

Soulful Horsemanship

Horses have an unbelievable ability to help us heal our hearts, find our passion, and live on purpose. Through partnership with the horse we can become empowered in our lives while helping the horse to live with authenticity and fulfillment. Your horse is a reflection of your soul. Soulful Horsemanship invites you to apply spiritual concepts while interacting with your horse and learn to:

* Build confidence in your partnership
* Listen to your intuition through mindfulness
* Communicate more clearly and intentionally
* Develop heart-centered leadership skills
* Unlock joy and meaning in your life

What readers are saying:

“Soulful Horsemanship has become one of the books I will refer to again and again-to remind me of why I want to be with horses in the first place, as well as learning to develop real and effective communication with them. Stef Durham’s extensive experience and depth of knowledge and heart go well beyond a “training” book and into a “being” book. This is as much a primer for soulfulness with oneself as it is with a horse, and it has benefitted me greatly in my work as an Equine Massage Therapist.” – Laurie Capparella, ESMT

“Soulful Horsemanship is an incredible book that feels as if it is speaking directly to my mind and my heart. I have fought many of the feelings the book discusses, and I have found Soulful Horsemanship to provide an amazing way to start breaking through some of these barriers. While I know I definitely need more work, Soulful Horsemanship has put me leaps and bounds closer to my goal of being attuned with my horse and making the most of my riding! THANK YOU!” –Angeleah Cleek

“A must read for anyone seeking healing within themselves and to learn more about improving their understanding of the relationship with the horse.” –Two Feathers

“The book was easy to read and very interesting. It gives you insights and tools to help you work on yourself and change for the better, using your horse as your partner. If you are looking for a quick fix book to your “horse problems” this is not for you. This is a book that helps you understand your horse and help him become your partner.” – Leslie Laagel

“Stef [Durham] brings a new awareness to our relationship with these magnificent animals in a way that perhaps we haven’t thought of before. Or maybe we thought about it, but we never did anything more than that. Read this book and make the choice to be more in tune with your horse.” –Pamela L Maynard

“This book of a journey to learn and love and work with the equine and his spirit is familiar to me and the insights both thought provoking and enlightening!” –Karen K Jackley

A Message from the Horses
Download this guided meditation to tune into horse energy.

Relax in the heart-energy of Equus and hear what they are calling you to do.