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Do you want to live on purpose with passion and financial security?  Stef P. Durham’s intention for this workbook is to support you on your path to living out your dreams in an empowered and financially free manner.  She believes that everyone should have the choice to do what they love.  She also believes that you should not have compromise your passion for security.

This workbook is designed to guide you through the steps to establish and grow a soul-centered, values-based business in the service sector.  If you have a gift to share with the world, but are not sure how to start a business, this is the workbook for you.  Learn how to align your business with your financial, emotional, and spiritual needs.

You can expect to learn more about yourself as you develop your business because your message  to the world is grounded in your brilliance.  You can also expect to learn the skills that you need for your business to thrive.

“Dare not just to dream; dare to go for it with everything you have.  Love and serve yourself through a business that cultivates love and service for others.  You have a brilliant idea.  Now you have to cultivate the belief that you are worthy, deserving, and capable of that and so much more.”

Welcome to the entrepreneurial journey.

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Would you like to see what this workbook is all about? One of Stef’s favorite exercises in the book is a technique to set your prices with confidence. Learn how to make more without gouging your clients. You can download the exercise here.

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Raise your rates with confidence
and make your clients happy in the process

Learn one simple technique that will completely change the way you look at pricing your services. You can earn more money while feeling generous in the process.