Sing the Song of Your Soul

You were born with your own song to sing.

You were entrusted with a genius that is yours and yours alone.  Only your soul can sing the song that was given you before you were born.  It is time to tune into your unique soul song and learn to dance to your own rhythm.

We have forgotten to trust.  We have forgotten to listen.

Our modern society has forgotten the importance of the individual brilliance that each baby enters this world to share.  So we teach our children to play the parts that we feel will bring them prosperity, safety, happiness.  We teach them – out of love – to dance to the rhythm that we think will serve them best in life rather than helping them to hear their own song.

It wasn’t always this way.

There is a tribe in Africa that knows to listen for the song of the soul.  When a woman learns she is pregnant, she goes on a quest to pray and receive the song of her child’s soul.  She brings the song back to the village and teaches everyone her child’s song.  Every member of the tribe learns the vibration of the individual even before that baby is born.

Celebrate who you are.

This African tribe sings the song of the soul at birth, through all life transition, and at death.  Their song is represented throughout their life as a celebration and reminder of the gifts that they have brought into the world.

You are perfect just the way you are.

The most remarkable lesson from this tribe is the recognition that any “bad” behavior comes from forgetting who you really are.  Rather than punishment, they sing to an individual who has behaved in an inappropriate manner.  They sing that person’s song because they believe that when you know who you really are and live in alignment with your song, you will have no feelings or needs that would lead you to harm another.

Are you in tune with yourself?

You know if you are living in alignment with your soul.  Life is constantly reminding you.  When you feel good, you are singing your song.  When you feel bad, you are trying to play someone else’s part.  You weren’t born with the rhythm of their soul.  Let them do their part and give yourself permission to tune-in to your role.

We need your contribution.

Universe means “one song”.  We are all part of the great orchestra of life.  To play the symphony of life in harmony and joyous celebration, we need every part represented.  You were born to play a part.  If you do not express your song within the universe the entire symphony suffers.  We need that symbol bang perfectly timed and executed.  In order to play your unique vibration you must remember your youniverse – the song of your soul.

Where do you find your youniverse?

When you study how to be part of our society you study at a university.  A university is designed to study all aspects of life within the universe – within the song of life.  Through the process of learning the stories of others, we are supposed to find our vocation.  The problem is that the university is not teaching you to find your own song.  It’s time to attend youniversity.

Come to know thyself.

There is a soulprint within you – a compass that leads you to your destiny.  It is up to you to attend your own youniversity and uncover the truths of your soul.  Your values, feelings, talents, passions, and desires can lead you to your divine purpose.  Listen.  Follow.  Dance.  Not to worry, you always get a chance to join the symphony when you hear your song calling you.

Trust in divine purpose is the key to world peace.

When we all come together to play our individual songs in unison the vibration of the world rises.  Our unique gifts interlock with everyone else’s and allow us to join as one.  We do not have the power to be or change anyone, but we can play our song joyfully.  Each of us who awakens the song within adds to the vibration of unity.  We remember that we can do no harm to others when in alignment with our true nature.  World peace unfolds.

You matter.  Sing your song.

A Message from the Horses
Download this guided meditation to tune into horse energy.

Relax in the heart-energy of Equus and hear what they are calling you to do.

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