Work with Stef

Services Available in Middleburg, VA 

I am available within a 25 mile radius of Middleburg, VA.

To schedule an appointment, or ask questions, please call or text me at 540-729-5520 or you can email me at

Equine Specialist

I am certified through both EAGALA and PATH, International as an Equine Specialist in Equine Assisted Growth and Learning. I am available to sub-contract or work freelance with your organization. I would love to talk to you about opportunities to collaborate.

Equine Partnership Coaching

Would you like to build a stronger relationship with your horse? Equine partnership coaching is a way to work with your horse from the ground to develop a partnership based on respect and understanding. This way of interacting with your horse rests somewhere between equine facilitated coaching, liberty training, and natural horsemanship. It is an exploration of self and partnership that will open your eyes to a whole new experience with your horse or your herd.

Note: Equine partnership coaching is also a great way to prepare your horses to facilitate equine assisted growth and learning sessions.

50 minute sessions at your farm: $60

Riding Lessons

I am available to teach beginner through intermediate lessons. I specialize in helping riders to build their confidence and composure in the saddle. I use a lot of breathwork and meditation to help you further develop your skills as well as the relationship that you have with your horse. When you combine a strong foundation of equitation and horsemanship with inner work, you can enhance your riding experience.

50 minute private lesson at your farm: $60

Integrative Body Work for Horses

I am certified as an equine sports massage therapist and an equine body worker. I also use energy work to support your horse’s wellbeing. I began massaging horses in 2003 and have seen great success with sport horses, rescues, founder cases, and more. I am also happy to teach you the basics of bodywork and stretching so that you can incorporate it into your horse’s maintenance plan. Working on your own horse really helps to build a stronger relationship.

60 minute session: $80

Professional Development Coaching

If you are a professional in the “Horse as Healer” field and would like  guidance navigating various aspects of your business, I would be happy to talk to you. We can work together via phone, Skype, or Google Hangouts. To schedule an appointment, you can reach me at 540-729-5520 or

Primary Coaching Focus:

  • Preparing your herd to facilitate equine assisted growth and learning sessions,
  • Program development – creating your own unique approach and business, or
  • Author support – get guidance and advice for your self-publishing journey

60 minute coaching call: $60

Clinics, Workshops, and Speaking Engagements

I love to share my passion with others. I would be happy to talk to you about opportunities to collaborate or share my experience with your clients or group of horse folk. I am open to travelling depending on the circumstance. Please reach out to me to discuss your needs.

Phone: 540-729-5520


Would you like to host a workshop? I can fill an evening slot for a local group, a breakout session at an expo or conference, or custom tailor a half-day workshop at your farm. Let me know what you are looking for. Favorite topics are on the use of meditation, breathwork, and energy when working with horses.


I provide half-day and full-day riding clinics. I will start the day with a short talk that is open to everyone and then open up a set number of 40 minute slots for private or semi-private lessons. The focus will be on mindful riding to build better balance, inner calm, and communication with the horse. Clinics are great for your students and I am open to a profit share with the barn. If you are interested, please contact me for more information.

A Message from the Horses
Download this guided meditation to tune into horse energy.

Relax in the heart-energy of Equus and hear what they are calling you to do.