Ponder Your Brilliance

The following is an excerpt from A Journey through the Heart with Horses which is now also available an audible

You were born with a gift to share with the world. You have something unique to offer, something no one else will ever be able to manifest in quite the same way as you. You have a unique purpose and destiny that is yours and yours alone. Only you can do you. Your purpose is not found outside yourself – it is nestled in the very center of your soul. It is the innate quality of your character, an expression of your being.

Awareness leads to awakening. Self-awareness leads to self-actualization. Are you in search of fulfillment, meaning, passion, and purpose? Are you seeking happiness in things outside of yourself? Do you want something more in life?

Seeking outside yourself for the answers will always leave you chasing your tail. How can you expect to find your calling in someone else’s story? How can you expect to know yourself fully when you are focused on listening to society’s ideals of who you should become? The seed of who you are meant to become is planted within you.

Your horse has not grown up wishing to fly like a barn swallow or chase rats like a Jack Russell Terrier. The willow tree does not desire to live in the desert like a cactus or to be the first to awaken in spring like a daffodil. Similarly, if you were born to be a dancer, then you have to awaken to that within you rather than trying to become a chef like your father or a lawyer like your mother. Only you can awaken to the true potential within you. Only you can uncover the gift that is nestled in your soul to share with world. It takes courage to be you completely.

What are you here to share? What quality do you express in all areas of your life? What are the traits that others notice about you, comment about, or compliment you on? What is your innate personality? What do feel like you have to express in all that you do?

Your qualities and traits that come so naturally that you don’t even notice them point to your unique brilliance. The essence of all your work and interactions reveals your soul’s truth. Something about you that you bring to every action and relationship points to your purpose in this life.

Ponder your brilliance. Ask the people you love and trust what they notice about you. Observe the way you interact with your horse.

You can find your innermost essence reflected in your relationship with your horse. You can come to know yourself on a deeper level when you are vulnerable in front of a powerful and non-judgmental animal. Allow yourself to see the truth of your interactions with him. Observe your tendencies. Be gentle with yourself and watch the truth of who you are bubble to the surface as you strive to connect with such a magnificent creature. He will not judge you, but he will demand authenticity.

When you find your brilliance – the fingerprint of your soul – your horse will rejoice for he already knows your divine nature. That is his gift.

A Message from the Horses
Download this guided meditation to tune into horse energy.

Relax in the heart-energy of Equus and hear what they are calling you to do.

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