On Doing What Feels Right… Even When it Goes Against the Grain

This year I have been learning to stand in my power and follow my intuition instead of getting swept away by others’ advice. Do you ever just feel that the right approach to something runs contrary to the general consensus about how to do it?

“Advice is a form of nostalgia. Dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts, and recycling it for more than it’s worth.” – Mary Smich

You have to remember that the advice people give reveals their path to successfully accomplishing that which you hope to accomplish. Their assumption is that what finally worked for them was the entire answer – not just a final step in a long series of trial and error. All of those “failed” steps that came before affected their final outcome.

To look at someone’s final step toward anything and concluding that step is the secret to the outcome you desire is a bit like thinking that in order to finish a marathon all you must do is practice crossing the finish line. The technique that helped someone to quit smoking, lose weight, or build their client base through marketing rests on a series of failures.

However, those failures all serve as primers to help you hone in on the final answer. They prepare your mindset and call on your will power. All of the seeming struggle grooms you and prepares you for the change that you seek to make. The upsets, let downs, and problems along the way allow your own answer to be revealed.

Without falling again and again you cannot learn to walk – even with great advice about how to be a great walker. You have to walk your own path. Sometimes that path involves taking advice from others and getting the boost you need to move forward. Sometimes it means taking advice from others only to fall again. And sometimes it means that you have to dig deep and set aside everyone else’s views, methods, and good intentions to figure it out for yourself.

I’m following my heart. At first it is on shaky legs, looking over my shoulder at all of the advice givers, wondering if I am making a mistake. But, in the stillness there is a voice that whisper shouts “go for it, girl!” and so I take another step into the unknown. My legs are starting to feel a little sturdier now. I think soon I will be ready to run. What about you?

Take Action: What is your heart calling you to do? It may feel that you are bumping up against challenges and resistance, but you know in the inner stillness that this is the way to go. Don’t let others grow your worry and apprehension. Follow your intuition.

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