Love is Oxygen for the Soul

We know that we are always surrounded by air and science can explain that air is a mixture of gasses that we rely on to live.  If you had not been taught about the properties of air would you know that you are sitting in it at this very moment?  You cannot see air, or hold air, or capture air.  You do, however, experience air all the time.

You feel a breeze on your skin.  You feel the warmth or chill of the air.  You feel the glorious sensation of taking a deep breath.  Without a scientific explanation of the air, without an understanding of what air is made of or how it works, and without being able to see air, you still sense its presence and its importance.  If you fail to appreciate the air, you will certainly recognize your need for it when it is lacking.

We know that our physical survival is reliant on air – oxygen specifically.  We must draw it in from our environment.  Our heart pumps our blood to the lungs and the body which releases toxins, cleanses the body, and feeds the cells with nutrients.  This process is more essential than any other physical process.  We cannot survive without air for more than a few minutes.

I believe that the energy field, of which we are a part, can be equated to the air we breathe.  This energy is the source of soul. We are all connected within this energy field and the spark of life emanates from this energy.  Like the air, we cannot see it, or hold it, or capture it – but, we experience the energy all the time.

You feel the waves of emotion through your body.  You sense when a situation is tense or relaxed.  You feel the wonder of love in your life.  Even without an explanation of the energy field in which you live, you can sense the presence of energy and experience its importance.  I believe love is like oxygen – it is essential for life and if you do not have it, you will suffer.  A lack of love is most certainly felt.

Our spiritual health is reliant upon the energy field and the circulation of love.  We draw love in from our environment.  Our heart pumps waves of emotion, creating an electromagnetic field that is experienced by our body and by others in our presence.  Love releases emotional toxins such as fear, anger, hatred, anxiety, and grief.  Love cleanses and nurtures our soul.

In fact, I do not believe that we could live in a complete absence of love because we could not live without the divine.  Our soul, which is pure love, is the energy that animates our body.  We are souls having a physical experience.  We are bathed in air and energy and we exchange both with every other living thing at every moment that we are alive.

You don’t have to remember to breath, but you do have to remember to practice compassion. They are equally important. Start a daily compassion practice by wishing people we as you pass them on the street. Incorporate loving kindness into your daily mediation. Look for ways to do small act of kindness for others. It will rejuvenate your soul.

A Message from the Horses
Download this guided meditation to tune into horse energy.

Relax in the heart-energy of Equus and hear what they are calling you to do.

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