Listen to Your Inner Voice: Take Inspired Action 

You have to take action to get things done and move forward. There are two ways of moving forward in your life: through obligations or inspired action.  There is a really big difference between the two, but the lines can sometimes get a little blurry because of uncertainty or resistance.

Obligations are the things that you feel you should do or have to do.  They leave you feeling resentful, stressed, and out of control.  The problem is that obligations are actions that someone else thinks are a good idea and, out of the kindness of your heart, you have taken them on even though they are not in alignment with your goals.  I am giving you permission to axe your obligations.  If you let go of these things, you can reclaim your time to take inspired action instead.

If you feel as though you cannot let go of your obligations, it is time to change your perspective about them.  Sometimes a task that you feel obligated to accomplish is actually meeting a need that you have.  For example, you may feel like you have to attend your client’s holiday party and you are really dreading it.  Can you change your perspective to make it enjoyable by understanding that it is actually meeting your needs for connection and financial security?  If you hold on to your obligations, make an empowered decision to do so for a very specific reason.

Inspired action is when you follow that calling inside of you to do something that feels really great.  When you move forward with a task that is in alignment with your purpose, you feel expansive.  The task is fun, exciting, and rewarding.  You are filled with ease when taking inspired action.  Not to say it is easy, you may have many challenges to overcome, yet the answers seem to flow to you at the right moment.  You do not have to fight or struggle to get things done.  It feels as though the universe has opened a gate for you to walk through.

Sometimes you may hear the calling and choose not to listen because of uncertainty or fear.  You may know just what to do and yet, for one reason or another, avoid doing it even though you want the end results.  Resistance is one of the most destructive patterns that will hold you back from the heights you desire.

If you find yourself pulling away from inspired action, figure out what belief is holding you back.  Think about the benefits that would result from listening to your inner voice.  How would you feel once you trusted yourself enough to go for it?  How would you feel if it was already accomplished?

A Message from the Horses
Download this guided meditation to tune into horse energy.

Relax in the heart-energy of Equus and hear what they are calling you to do.

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