How to Manage Your Clients’ Expectations

When marketing your business, it is really important to strongly state the results and benefits that your clients can expect to achieve when working with you.  People do not buy your services because of your process – they choose to work with you because of the ways in which they will benefit from the interaction.  Therefore, you must state, with confidence, what it is that you can do for them.  This requires you to believe in yourself and the efficacy of the services you offer.

While it is important to be confident about your credentials, qualifications, and experience, you must be careful to not over promise.  If you make a claim that your clients will gain a specific result within three months, then you need to be sure that you can deliver.  You need to be sure that what you claim as a guaranteed result of working with you is true.  If not, you risk losing your clients trust and your reputation in the community.  Even worse, you risk your client feeling inadequate if they do not meet the standard you created.

So how do you find the balance?  How do you communicate in a way that will motivate people to want to work with you without over promising results?

Be careful about really specific results.  For example, I could say in my marketing message, “Gain the knowledge to sign on 10 new clients in 6 months!” but that is setting me up to break my clients’ trust.  It is totally possible for my clients to gain 10 clients in 6 months, but I can’t guarantee that will happen.  There are too many factors about how much effort the client will put in, their business model, their target market, and their goals.

Instead, a message that is more specific about what they will learn and less specific about the outcome is better.  “Learn how to craft a marketing message that speaks to your ideal client so that you can grow your business with ease.”  This statement tells them what they can learn to do and the result of doing that behavior.  More importantly, I have anchored the action and result with a value.  By saying that you can grow your business with ease speaks to my ideal client.  My ideal client feels stressed about having to market and get clients.  I have reassured them that they do not have to stress and struggle – they can have ease.

The more often you weave feelings and needs into your marketing message, the better.  The outcome of learning how to craft a message that speaks to your ideal client is the ability to attract prospective clients which will ultimately lead to growing your business.  That is great.  What my clients want more than anything, however, is for it to be easy.  They want a simple solution that works.  Therefore, it is my job to speak to that solution rather than making an infomercial promise about getting 10 clients in 6 months.  In fact, that may not even solve the issue of feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

How can you speak to your clients in a way that is confident and informs them of the amazing results that you offer without over promising?  How can you motivate clients to work with you while still managing their expectations?  Ideally you want to fulfill your promise and exceed their expectations.

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