How to Create Sustainable Success in Business

Success is achieved by the accomplishment of a goal and/or the attainment of profit. Is that not the ultimate goal of any business you decide to pursue? You embark on business with goals to meet your lifestyle needs, to serve people, to have an impact, and to make money. That is the nature of business.

Goals are always set as a way to accomplish something and meet a desired end result. However, with business you don’t want to meet your needs once or make a certain profit once – you want sustainable success. You want to meet your goal and then maintain at least that level of success.

Once you master your gifts and refine them into a perfect business offering, you want to continue offering that to the world. Once you attain a desired level of profit, you want to continue making at least that much. To sustain your success actually require continual growth.

Success by its very nature requires you to set new goals. Your sense of success will ebb over time if you maintain a constant level. Your needs will grow. New desires will be born within you. Your perfect outcomes will change. In order to create sustainable success you must continue to expand.

Desire calls us into action. You begin to feel stagnate soon after a goal is met or a profit attained – you always want to move into a bigger expression of yourself. In order to do that, you must constantly take stock of your current desires.

What are your hopes and dreams? What dreams are you still holding onto even though you have outgrown them? What do you really want at this point in your life? Not what you used to want and not what you think you’re supposed to want – what desire is pulsating within you? What spark of divine inspiration is beating your heart?

You also have to be willing to let go and shed the thoughts, behaviors, and patterns that are no longer serving you. What must you stop doing to move toward your dreams? To build a successful business, what must you let go of? What must you stop worrying about to open the spiritual bandwidth to broadcast what you care about?

Come into integrity with your success. Open yourself to the strength that it takes to continually take more risks. Let your voice be heard. Share your gifts. Change lives. Make art. Touch hearts.

Create sustainable success in your business by understanding your motivation – your desire. If you want to start a business that leads to sustainable success, you must be willing to sell your goods for a profit, grow your client base, and earn more money. And you must be willing to do it all with integrity. Go for it!

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