How to Craft Your Marketing Message

Focus on results and remarkable advantages!  Clients don’t really care about you – they care about what you can do for them.  They want to know the results you provide, how you are going to make their life easier, and a direct route to a solution.  They want to know what is in it for them.  Therefore, when crafting your marketing message really think about their problems and the things that keep them awake at night.  What would they do anything or pay anything to achieve or solve?

Get specific about what you really do for clients.  Speak in terms of benefits and results.  That is what your client is looking for rather than a description of what you do.  Skip the jargon, technical lingo, and confusing language.

  1. Write out the specific and numerous benefits, results, and solutions clients receive when using your services.
  2. Create a series of statements about those benefits and solutions that are so simple a 6 year old could understand and repeat them.
  3. Combine those statements into a captivating 3-4 sentence statement that you can use in all of your marketing communications.

What are your unique selling propositions?  Know what really makes you stand out from all of your competitors.  What are the things that really make you unique and extraordinary?  What sets you apart?  You want to create a practice that is truly noticeable and stands out from the crowd.  You can do this in your branding, image, and message.

  1. Of all the people in my field, what do I do that others do not?
  2. What features of my practice set me apart from others?
  3. What benefits can I promise that others do not?
  4. Why should a prospective client work with me as opposed to someone else?

Add credibility factors to your marketing message and image. Be clear about what gives you an added advantage in your market.  Think about your experience that instills confidence and trust into your client that you can produce the results that you are promising.

  1. Make a list of all of the things that would make someone want to work with you over a competitor.
  2. What are your past accomplishments and examples of your expertise?

Get really clear about your niche and expertise.  We often try to think big to include as many services and potential revenue streams as possible, but that can limit us from targeting our ideal, high paying clients.  Finding the perfect niche is really about thinking small and specializing so that you can make yourself the go-to person for the thing that you do best. You will get more clients that you really love working with if you really know your specialty.

  1. What is your niche?
  2. What is your expertise?
  3. What are you the best at?
  4. What do you love the most?

Specify your ideal client.  You don’t have to serve everyone.  Who do you most enjoy working with?  Be very specific about who your ideal client is so that you can craft a message that will resonate with them.  You want that client to say, ”Wow! I have got to work with this person!”

  1. Write down your clients age, sex, income level, business type, number of employees, job titles, etc.
  2. Write down the problem that they struggle with and keeps them up at night that you can solve – remember to keep it about the results (example: you don’t help them market their event by strategically increasing their social media presence, you do help them get customers which solves their worry of not making enough money or having a big enough turn out at their event)
  3. If they were to “pull their hair out” about something, what would it be?
  4. What is the biggest struggle they encounter on a daily basis?
  5. What is their biggest obstacle?
  6. What is one goal that seems unattainable to them?
  7. What is the biggest improvement they can make in their lives?

Take all of the information you have gathered and craft your marketing message based around the things you have come up with.  You do not want people’s eyes to glaze over when they start to hear about what you do.  You need a compelling message.  Your branding can be incredible but if the message and content of your marketing falls short it will make little difference.

Come up with your claim – this is really important.  You are not a business coach; you help people get more clients consistently.  You are not a chiropractor; you help relieve back pain in 6 sessions or less.

  1. What do you really deliver
  2. What is the net benefit of working with you?
  3. What can you promise a client?
  4. How can you phrase your services in a way that your ideal client will pick up the phone and call you?
  5. What results to you provide?
  6. “If you were to work with me, you will_____________

Create a memorable tag line or slogan.  Boil down everything you have worked on so far in a catchy one liner.  You want this to be the purest form of your marketing message boiled down into a simple, repeatable, memorable phrase – maybe even just a few words.

  1. Boil your message down into a few words.
  2. Keep it benefits and results-oriented, if possible.
  3. Use your unique selling proposition, if possible.

Create an image and brand around your marketing message.  This is where you take all of this information and walk your talk.

  1. What message are you sending out about your business?
  2. Make a list of things you would INSIST on seeing if you were your potential client wanting to hire someone in the industry. Do you fill the criteria?

Work through the steps outlined above and get a jump start on marketing you business. If you would like more information and a more detailed process to craft an authentic message that speaks to your ideal clients’ heart, then check out Soulful Entrepreneurship for Horse Lovers.

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