How to Close the Sale

Do you have a list of prospects and somehow no one (or only a few) has made the commitment to work with you?  Below are some tips on closing the sale and landing new clients without being pushy, salesy, or giving your services away for free.

  1. The perfect client.  Do you have some prospects that you just know would be a perfect fit for you?  Have they taken some initial steps in learning more about your services?  Don’t let these prospects slip through your fingers.  If they have already taken the time to talk to you, attend an event, or signed up to receive your newsletter, then they are already a well-qualified prospect.  Do not be afraid to follow up with these individuals – just a simple “how’s it going” email occasionally can be enough.  You don’t have to be pushy, but you do want to cultivate the relationship and trust so that they become ready to buy.
  1. Genuine connection and service.  Do you feel phony and a little slick when you give your sales pitch?  Try changing your perspective.  Rather than approaching the conversation as a sales pitch, look at it as a way to serve your prospect.  Try connecting with your heart and extending a feeling of service to the individual to whom you are speaking.  Imagine your heart bowing to theirs as the humble servant who is present to make their life better.  Your prospect will recognize your authenticity and you won’t feel sleazy trying to get their money from them.  They will be happy to pay for a service that so completely meets their needs.
  1. Be prepared.  Do you ever feel like you don’t know what to say to close the sale?  Prepare a script in advance that you can loosely follow.  Ask them about their concerns, listen carefully, and take great notes.  Use their language to empathize with their problem and then present the ways that you can help solve that problem.  Ask them about how your services resonate with them and if that is what they are looking for.  Recap all of your services and pricing – do not assume that they have researched this prior to talking to you.  Invite them to take the next step.  “If you were to work with me, which of these options would you be interested in?”
  1. Follow through.  Make a commitment with them prior to ending the conversation.  Ideally they will schedule their first appointment with you.  If not, let them know that you will be following up and send them an email that re-caps everything you talked about.  Then follow up with them at least one or two more times.  If they do not make an appointment for your services because they want to think about it, talk to their spouse, etc., see if there would be a good time to schedule a follow up call.

The most important thing about closing the sale is remaining authentic.  Know the value you have to offer, feel confident about how much you charge for your services, and have a genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of others.  With confidence comes trust which is necessary for people to be willing to make that first appointment.  Your ideal clients will recognize your authenticity and choose to work with you because of who you are.

Look at your list of prospects and identify three people that you can follow up with. Send a “how’s it going?” email and see if they would be willing to set up a conversation about your services. Remember to come from a place of service and be prepared to empathize with them to provide genuine solutions.

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