How to Accept a Compliment without the Ego

How do you learn to receive compliments with gratitude and joy without feeding the ego?  Receiving a compliment or positive feedback about something feels good.  And it should feel good.  However, if we use those thoughts to boost our sense of individuality and specialness, we are feeding the ego.  So how do we accept kindness on the level of the soul?

To hear a compliment without ego trying to own it, you must listen through your heart space.  Yet, when you connect on the heart level, you feel so much more vulnerable.  You have to open yourself up to really hearing what the other person is saying.  You must also acknowledge your true power.

Using a compliment to feed the ego means that you can keep it superficial.  Staying superficial means that you can boast, brag, and fill yourself up with pride.  All of that specialness keeps you separate from your authentic power.

When you drop into the heart, you are raw and truthful and exposed.  You have to really be willing to embrace what is being said.  You have to be willing to hear the gratitude that the other person is expressing and sincerely connect with the need you have fulfilled for them.  You cannot brush them off, “oh it’s nothing.”   No, you must instead be willing to connect and know your own beauty, power, wisdom, and grace.

Why is it so hard for us to celebrate the strength of who we really are?  Experiencing the good stuff in life can be just as scary as the bad when we do not filter it through the armor of the ego.  Well, the ego would like you to think it’s scary – your heart knows it is truth.

Try finding strength in your vulnerability. Stand in your own beauty and allow yourself to be seen. Accept a compliment with heart and soul.

A Message from the Horses
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