How I Chose to Interpret this F-Bomb

Last night Jason and I went to the store. I pulled into a parking space that was a little tight because a pickup truck was parked with its back tire slightly over the line. I thought about choosing another spot, but it was raining and late. You know how it is.

We got out of the car and made it half way into the store when we heard, “Hey! Did you hit my truck?!?”

Startled, we stopped and responded that we had not.

“How would you know?”

Neither of us were quite sure how to answer that question and the man seemed rather angry so we just kept walking, but I had a feeling that was a bad idea. I felt like he was going to do damage to our car so I asked Jason to double check. The man was gone.

We did our shopping and to our relief the truck was gone by the time we got back outside. However, this man had left his mark. Keyed into the driver’s side door of our car you can make out a poorly written f**k u.

Turns out he wasn’t gone when Jason went to check. He was squatting down defacing our property. Nice.

Instead of flying off the handle in anger I found myself overwhelmed with compassion. The rest of the evening I was just sad. Not sad for myself that my car had been keyed, but sad about the pain of that man.

I thought about what it must feel like to be so angry with the world that I would key a car simply because they parked too close to me in the parking lot. What causes that kind of hatred and anger?

The only way that you can be that distrusting and violent is to be completely disconnected from yourself, the world, and God. When we live in a state of separation we are driven to act out of fear. If we believe we are separate, then we don’t know our own security and value.

In separation you feel that you must prove yourself, get yours before they get theirs, and punish others for their actions. This is what leads to all of the violence that we see across the globe. This sense of separation, and the poisonous feelings that stem from it, is what fuels all of the abuse and hatred.

I feel so sad about it. I feel so sad that the man in the parking lot hated himself enough to act in such a way. I feel sad because I know that it doesn’t have to be that way. Life doesn’t have to hurt so much.

How do we, as a community, help to raise conscious awareness to the point that individuals begin to see their inherent worthiness? How can we come together to help others to find their own state of inner peace? How do we spread the idea of unity and oneness in such a way as it takes away the hurt that so many are feeling?

The f**k u carved into our car will serve as a reminder that fighting against violence just breeds more of the same. However, if we can see the root of those acts, then we will see the suffering endured by the perpetrator and cultivate compassion for them. Maybe we can even forgive that which we condemn.

A Message from the Horses
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