How did you do that? From Jealousy to Inquiry

Do you ever look at successful business people and get a little jealous or annoyed that it seems so easy for them?  Perhaps you tell yourself a story about how they have something (the money, clients, luck, etc.) that you don’t have and that’s why they have risen to the top and you can’t.  I still catch myself doing this sometimes – it’s kind of a nice excuse to not try so hard.  Do you know what I’m talking about?

What about trying a new technique the next time you get in a huff about how much you want what somebody else has.  How about asking the question, “how did you do that?”  Rather than making an assumption that they have something that is inaccessible to you, find out how they did it.

If you believe in the theory of abundance, you know that there is more than enough for everyone.  That means money, success, clients, and opportunities.  You can model your business off someone that you admire.  If you like an aspect of what they have and want to create that too, then find out how they did it and use it as a compass to find your own path to your desired destination.

I don’t recommend stealing other people’s ideas completely, but learn what they did to make it work for them.  You can also learn a lot from what they tried that failed. Successful people did not start out that way. A huge part of the process is trying things that do not work, refining the process, and trying again. Learning about what doesn’t work can be even more helpful than learning what works for one person.

Remember, even if you have a mentor that is helping you find an easier way, you still have your own unique brilliance to bring to your business that will set you apart.  You cannot be the other person, but you can learn from them.  All successful people have looked up to someone who came before.

I especially like the direction Mercedes points us to: “The key to success is to find the best candidates in your industry and learn from them.”  Don’t be afraid to model your business around the success of others.

Notice when jealousy arises and take that as a cue to become inquisitive. Ask for an informational interview and ask them what did and did not work for them when building their business. Do a little research to see what methods they implement in their business that you could learn from and model. Don’t be afraid to reach out to others for advice – they were once in your shoes.

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