Have a Little Faith in Yourself

What do you think of when you hear the word faith? Does it conjure an image of believing in something without any proof that it exists? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “The word for faith in New Testament Greek is ‘pistos’ which does not mean ‘belief without evidence’. It means, believing someone’s promises; trusting them.”

If you want to change your life you must have faith, but who do you choose to believe in? Do place your faith in a power greater than yourself? Do you follow the promises of another? Or, do you trust yourself to bring about the transformation you desire?

Faith in a power greater than yourself

When you place your faith in a power greater than yourself it can bring great comfort to know that a benevolent force is working for your highest good. While it is wonderful to believe in the divine, or the source of all, what exactly are you placing your faith in?

When you give your power to a force larger than yourself, you are demonstrating that you do not believe in the power of your soul. The divine is your source. You are part of the higher power. Therefore, you cannot solely trust in something greater than yourself. Instead, you must believe in your own authentic ability to bring about transformation in your life.

Transformation is challenging and comes with the risk of the unseen. You cannot predict how the future will unfold.  Therefore, you cannot have faith that everything will work out, because that is belief without evidence. You do have the ability to believe in a promise that you make to yourself to work toward your goals in spite of unseen challenges.

The promises of another

The word faith became attached to organized religion because it meant that one believed in the teachings of someone and trusted in their leadership. People placed their faith in Jesus, Mohammed, the Buddha, and other great spiritual leaders. While following the wisdom of others can lead you in the right direction, it is up to you to follow your own path.

To have true faith does not mean that you wish and pray for circumstances to unfold at the hands of the unknown.  Nor does it mean that you follow the advice of someone else to manifest that which you desire. True faith lies in your willingness to take consistent action toward the transformation you seek.

When you place your faith into the hands of someone else, you are actually giving away your power. No one has more wisdom than you. When you only look to others’ advice about what steps to take, you become lost on your own path because their footsteps will not lead to your happiness. Take responsibility for your own thoughts and actions to make steady progress toward joy.

Trust yourself

The most difficult faith to cultivate is the trust you place in yourself. Rather than looking to put your belief into the hands of others, own your power and trust that you have the wisdom of what is right for you. Promise yourself that you will be kind and compassionate with yourself while you make steady progress toward your desires.

A true demonstration of faith is taking action toward your goals even when you feel uncertain about the end result and others are questioning your decision. When you follow your intuition and make bold steps forward, you will find that your faith attracts the support you need to accomplish your transformation. The universe matches your change of heart and meets you in the middle. Your loved ones will recognize your joy and start looking to you for answers.

Believe in yourself. If you know what you want, then go in search of it. Do the hard work necessary to make the changes you desire. Trust in yourself to overcome the unseen obstacles that will inevitably challenge you. While you cannot see the entire path in front of you, believe that you know the next step you need to take. Have a little faith in yourself and go for your dreams.

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