Happiness is Not a Destination – It’s a Feeling  

Do you ever find yourself saying any of the the following?

“I will be happy when…”

“I would be happy if….”

“If only… then I would be happy”

Here’s the thing – happiness is not a destination. You will not wake up one morning and finally catch the bus that leads you to happy. Happy is not just around the corner taunting you because you can’t get there from here.

Happiness is a feeling. Like any feeling happy comes and goes. It wells up within in you when your thoughts and actions align with the wholeness of who you are. Happy is the feeling of your soul celebrating that you are in tune with all that is.

The truth is happiness is always available to you – no matter where you seem to be right now. It is always available because your soul is always with you. In every moment there is an opportunity to align with your soul, follow your heart, and rejoice in the experience of the moment.

Take Action: Don’t go searching for a destination that does not exist. Instead, open yourself to the possibility of happiness revealing itself to you in this moment. Your soul is waiting.

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