Guided Mediation Series for Equestrians

FREE Guided Meditation for Equestrians

Meditation is a powerful tool to help you become more acutely aware of your experience in this moment.  Using meditation while riding can greatly benefit your performance, connection, and confidence. Stef Durham has put together a unique series of ridden meditations designed specifically for equestrians.  They can be used while in the saddle or at home to practice through visualization.

“These meditations are just what I was looking for! I am using them to improve the core skills needed in riding. Whether it’s confidence, connection, relaxation, etc, the visualization process works just as well for the times away from the barn to prepare for riding-with the added bonus of feeling like you’re out riding your horse at any time.” -Laurie Capparella

What to expect from this free gift:

Receive a series of 6 meditations over the next 6 days that are designed for different goals.  You will be emailed a link to download 1 audio file per day.  Each mediation is approximately 6 – 8 minutes long – perfect for a warm up. The topics covered are:

Meditation for Relaxation: Release physical and emotional tension as you ride. Learning to relax while riding will improve your balance and communication.  Your horse will also be encouraged to relax and release tension as he mirrors you.

Meditation for Confidence:  We all face fear and anxiety at times in our riding careers.  Meditate to embrace your feelings so that you can learn from, accept, and release them.  This technique will help you shift into confidence when working with your equine partner.

Meditation for Harmony:  Find a connection while warming up with your equine partner.  This meditation will help you move into your heart space and connect with your horse.  You can use it any time you want to find harmony in your riding

Meditation for Balance:  Listen to this meditation as you ride to activate your center.  Engaging your point of personal power allows you to stabilize your body for better balance and alignment to improve your riding efficacy.

Meditation for Communication:  Learn to send information through your aids and intentions and learn to listen to your horse through the sensations in your body and intuition.  Observe the impact your movement and emotion has on your horse.

Meditation for Feel:  Develop body awareness while riding will help you to sense your horse’s movement and intentions.  Awareness practices can help shorten the number of hours in the saddle required to develop the feel of a master horseman.

Guided Meditation Series for Equestrians
Improve your riding and your relationship with your horse
These 6 meditations can be used to help you ride with greater grace and joy. They are designed to be used mounted or as a visualization exercise on the days you can't make it to the barn.