Grow Your Business with Generosity

The spiritual law of giving teaches that you must give in order to receive.  Everything is in constant energy flow expanding and contracting; giving and receiving.  If you are in a state of lack and fear you may begin to hoard what you have to prevent yourself from losing everything.  That actually serves to put a kink in the hose of life and blocks the flow of energy so that, not only are you not giving, you are also unable to receive.

In business you want to be able to receive money and opportunities so you have to be willing to un-kink the hose and allow the energy to begin pouring from you into the world once again.  Please note, I am not suggesting that you go on some huge shopping spree in hopes of getting new clients or that you avoid saving for the future – both of those actions demonstrate an unhealthy relationship with money.

How do you begin to give freely when you are afraid of losing everything?

  1. What is an expression of you?  Who are you and what do you have to give the world?  Maybe right now it is a smile for a stranger, a silent blessing for the animals, or a poem shared on Facebook.
  2. Give all of you.  You have a beautiful heart that wants to share, connect, and expand.  Show up fully in everything you do prepared to give the best that you can in the moment.
  3. Share whatever you create.  If you have something to give the world, you need to set it free.  It can feel scary and vulnerable, but I can assure you that you will reap the benefit of giving your brilliance to the world.

The most attractive and successful businesses are built on generos­ity.  When you give fully of yourself, you will be rewarded.  As you pour your heart into your work and give freely to others, others will begin to do the same.

Remember, it is not enough to give.  You must be willing to gratefully accept the gifts (including money) that flow to you as a result.  An unwillingness to accept another person’s generosity toward you also serves to kink the hose.  Life is an ebb and flow of energy – money is simply a symbol of that exchange.

Identify one way that you can begin sharing more in your business. The more value you give, the more room there is for value to flow into your life. Are you wondering what value you have to give? Check out Soulful Entrepreneurship for Horse Lovers for guidance on the value that you have to offer in your business.

A Message from the Horses
Download this guided meditation to tune into horse energy.

Relax in the heart-energy of Equus and hear what they are calling you to do.

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