Do you want more money?

Money can easily instill within you a strong desire for more. When you do not have enough money you may want more to feel safe.  When you have plenty of money you may want more to feel carefree. When you have an excess of money you may want more to feel powerful. Regardless of where you fall in the financial spectrum the common chant around money is “more, more, more.”

Do you ever feel this way? Do you ever curse the size of your bank account because if you had more, then you would have X. X could be a desired feeling such as happiness or confidence. X could also be an item or experience that would result in a desired feeling. For example, perhaps you feel that if you had more money you could buy a nice car which would make you feel more valued. The end goal is always to reach an emotional state which is better than where you perceive yourself to be currently.

This cycle is caused by ego-based motivation in order to get more for yourself. When you are in this state of desiring to have more money for your own personal gain, the ego will keep you trapped in a relentless desire for more because money does not fully satisfy your desire to feel better. Every time you get more money the satisfaction is only temporary and the desire for more money builds within you again.

What if you could change this dynamic? What if you could get rid of that relentless longing for more? Would you want to change your relationship with money if it meant that you had plenty without all of the inner tension and conflict around it?

To heal your financial woes a lot of spiritual teachers will tell you to let go of attachment to money. They teach that to receive you must first give. They will tell you that in order to utilize the law of attraction you must feel wealthy and abundant first and as a result wealth and abundance will flow into your life.

All of the above advice is true, but virtually impossible when your ego has such strong momentum propelling you forward in the pursuit of more. The key is to shift out of ego, or the desire to receive for the benefit of self, into soul-based motivation. Soul-based motivation is not a drive for more, but a drive for an alignment with soul that results in more consistent emotional satisfaction.

The key to changing the driving force in your life is to realize that what you are really aching for is a more positive emotional state. You are looking for a way to relieve your internal discord. However, money isn’t the solution – it’s a strategy to feel better. If you can start by recognizing that, you can become less attached to money and more focused on feeling better in the moment regardless of your financial circumstance.

Once you see that getting more money is a flawed strategy for feeling better you can begin to utilize the soul’s nature to change your relationship. The soul is of a divine nature and desires to give. Soul knows that deep satisfaction comes from giving freely. When you start to live by this principle you can give more and as a result receive more. At first it may be a smile that you give and receive kindness in return or you may feel deeply satisfied by giving the gift of listening to a loved one. Giving more does not have to be about money.

Now that you are focused on your emotional state and you are giving joyously as an act of self-kindness you can begin to embody the feeling of true abundance. You can begin to clear the blocks and negativity that you feel around money as you build momentum that will drive you toward alignment with your soul. As you are able to be joyful more often, you will indeed begin to see a shift in everything in your life. Money is likely to flow, but you don’t need it to feel satisfied. Instead, the increased abundance becomes a strategy to give more fully to please the soul and feel great.

Take a look at your drive for more money – what are you really wanting? What do you believe the money will bring you and why is that important to you? What are you hoping to feel? Once you identify the feeling you can begin to look for ways to cultivate that feeling today.

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