Butting Out the Ego

You are the author of your life. When you react to triggering events, you are letting your ego run the show. You build new stories based on old scripts. When those scripts are painful and upsetting, the pattern continues with more of the same. You have the power to shift from reactivity to creativity – all the same letters, but a very different experience.

You have the power to say it better. You can tell a different story. You can lay down new pathways in your mind that promote a perspective that leads to ease, fulfillment, and happiness. In other words, you can start to create a perspective that aligns with Soul.

Practice empathy for yourself and others to help you to look for the shared experience of feelings even when your perspective differs. What about seeking the perspective of Soul? What if you practice looking at things through your Soul lens rather than your ego lens?

Remember, when you have your ego glasses on you will see separation, upset, and limitation. The ego views an illusion. With that lens in place, you see things that trigger you emotionally. Those negative emotions are simply a guidance system letting you know that you are out of alignment with your Soul.

Try looking through a lens of unity, wellbeing, and abundance. Try to see things as Soul would see things. Look for the good. See the opportunity to grow, learn, and expand. Look for the divine Soul in the person you are interacting with. Look underneath their ego for the eternal goodness within their heart.

I have never been a big fan of the word “but”. It is typically used to negate a positive statement voiding the statement. If you are going to void out the statement, why bother state it. The following is a poem I wrote that illustrates this point.

Please Pardon My But

I have something important to say
But I don’t trust myself
I am going to agree with you
But not wholeheartedly
This is wonderful
But I wish…
She is so nice
But, boy, is she ever…
I really appreciate my life
Until I stick my but in

I know you are familiar with this use of the word. Let’s flip it on its head. Instead of negating the positive try negating the negative – after all a double negative is a positive! When ego starts talking, ‘but it out’ and finish your sentence with a Soul perspective. Catch yourself in the act and find a way to say it better. It could go like this:

I am so irritated, but I know that’s not my true nature. I just have a bit of a story going on right now. I choose to look for something that feels better.

He is such a jerk, but I respect his willingness to actively create his reality by voicing his opinion.

My thighs are so fat, but I appreciate that they give me the opportunity to walk through this life and experience all of the goodness coming my way.

Using but to negate a statement is a bridge to change your patterns of thinking. You have a habit of looking through the perspective of your past stories and upsets. One way to shift out of reaction and into creation is by catching your language and choosing a different outlook.

This also allows you to honor how you feel and your current perspective. Your current experience, from the examples above, is of irritation, judgment, and fat thighs. That is your truth in the moment. You don’t want to invalidate your experience. You just want to look for a better feeling thought.

You have the power to change your experience when you change your perspective. If you don’t like how you feel when you say something, try saying something that feels better. Throwing a ‘but’ in there allows you to course correct in the middle of your sentence and overtime your experience will change to reflect your new perspective.

A Message from the Horses
Download this guided meditation to tune into horse energy.

Relax in the heart-energy of Equus and hear what they are calling you to do.

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