Authentic Marketing: Walk Your Talk to Attract More Clients

Do your beliefs about yourself and your business support your marketing message?

Are you speaking your truth when selling to a client?

Is your marketing message congruent with the way you run your business?

If you create a marketing message that states how wonderful you are at the service you offer and meanwhile feel like you have no value, are uncertain about your worth and ability, or question whether or not you are good enough, you will present a conflicted message.   You will not come across as a powerful, confident professional if you do not have the beliefs to back it up.  Your ideal clients may pass over you for another professional simply because they are walking their talk, not necessarily because they have the better service.

To come into alignment, you need to uncover all of the hidden beliefs that you have about money, marketing, success, and your self-worth.  You need to understand how all of the internal dialogue, that you may not even be aware of, is affecting your ability to present an image that attracts clients.  You need to understand your personal value system, the ways in which you put value into the world, and the ways in which that value earns the money that ensures all of your needs are met.  It really helps to work with someone to clarify the ways in which you may subconsciously sabotage your own efforts for success as a self-employed individual.

When I realized that I had to change something in order to bring in clients or give up on my dreams, I went through this process.  I discovered that my primary value is for love and connection.  I am most motivated by things that meet my need for that connection.  I also uncovered beliefs about money, success, and power that were sabotaging my ability to market myself.  I had a belief that if I were to become successful, I would be powerful.  I had an image that powerful woman have harsh edges and that makes them less lovable.  Therefore, success would mean that no one would love me!  If love is my primary motivator to do something, I was never going to really market my business because then, in my confused belief system, my most valued need would not be met.

Of course, once I brought that out into the open and really understood all of the aspects of these beliefs, they no longer hold any power because they didn’t even make sense.  I was able to see how I have a lot of value to offer and sharing that would create the connection I need.  In addition, earning enough to be comfortable would give me the financial freedom to do things that would also meet those needs for love and connection.  I was able to re-build my business and marketing message in a way that I felt really good about because I knew that it was meeting my needs and I was finally congruent with how I felt and what I was trying to accomplish.  That shift alone completely changed my ability to get more clients.

Reflect on how you feel when you share your message with the world.  Are you in alignment with your values?  Do you feel empowered and on purpose?  If not, what can you change to have a more authentic marketing message?

A Message from the Horses
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