Are Your Finances Affecting You in the Tack?

Did you know that your finances affect your second chakra?  Did you know that your second chakra is also the seat of your personal power and creativity?  Did you know that your second chakra is located in your lower abdomen?  Did you know that the lower abdomen is your point of balance and strength when you ride, allowing for an independent seat and effective communication with your horse?  For more information on the importance of your lower abdomen when riding, check out this article.

When I decided to heal my marketing fears and my financial struggles, I started by realizing that my sense of self-worth and self-value were completely entangled with my beliefs about money.  I learned that I did not value myself or my services and that I really questioned whether or not I was worthy.  There was a lot of pain and an overwhelming lack of self-love and empowerment.  All of those beliefs and emotions were reflected in my personal finances and the success of my business.  I realized that I needed to heal myself to heal my money problems.

I approached that healing process by integrating my body, mind, and soul.  I sat and felt all of the feelings of unworthiness and all of my fear about money.  I became aware that I felt those feelings the strongest in my lower abdomen.  I knew enough to know that was my second chakra so I looked up the energies for that chakra.  Sure enough, the second chakra is all about money, creativity, and power!  Energetically, your finances are hanging out with your personal power and creativity.

“Our relationship with money profoundly affects our health, particularly the health of the second chakra – our organs of reproduction, the bladder, parts of the bowel, and the low back.  For years and years as an ob/gyn physician I have seen up close and personal how a woman’s health is affected by issues of money, sex, and power – second chakra energies.  For example, a woman’s pelvic health is generally good when she has control over her own finances versus being controlled by the finances of others, or feeling unworthy to accept more money for the work she does.” – Dr. Christiane Northrup, excerpted from the foreword of Money: A Love Story.

Developing this awareness and understanding was life changing for me.  My greatest fear revolved around money and my greatest health concern revolved around my reproductive organs.  I finally had a way to link all of this together to be able to heal my body, mind, and soul.

As someone who takes a holistic approach to riding, I quickly made the connection that this energy would greatly affect riders in the tack – particularly women.  If our beliefs about ourselves and our financial health can manifest into physical ailments in the lower abdomen and pelvis, it would surely be enough to affect us as equestrians.  The lower Tan Tien, 2-3 inches below the belly button, is our physical and energetic center.  When we ride, we need that area to be strong, balanced, and responsive.  Our stability and fluidity in the saddle revolve around this point.

We use our pelvis, lower back, and lower abdomen to ground and center us on the horse’s back so that we are secure in the saddle.  We use it as a point of strength so that our limbs can be supple and gently give aids.  We develop our independent seat and ability to communicate effectively with the horse from this point.  This point in our body is crucial for our effectiveness and safety in the tack.  So, if the second chakra is energetically out of balance, it will affect our ability to ride just as much as it will affect our health or creativity.

It is crucial to look at your sense of personal power and relationship with money.  If you are an entrepreneur, it is even more important.  You are responsible for bringing in your own paycheck.  If you do not feel worthy and empowered, you will not market yourself well.  If you do not market yourself, you will struggle financially.  When you struggle financially, you will question your worth.  Do you see how easy it is to end up in a downward spiral?

This is compounded for the entrepreneur who works directly with horses.  The horse will be able to sense that you are not empowered and will relate to you differently.  In addition, that energy just may be affecting your ability to ride and train as well as you could if you healed this self-worth, money, and marketing cycle.

A Message from the Horses
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