Are You Trapped by Your Patterns of Thought?

Beliefs are just thoughts that you think over and over until they become a habit. Just as cattle follow the same paths through their pastures until deep ruts are worn in the ground, you are also drawn to the ruts in your mind. As you practice your beliefs, you strengthen the neural pathways in your brain. Your thought patterns become an automatic response.

These patterns of thought start young and then you practice them with vigilance until it is hard to fathom that the validity of your belief could be challenged. The beliefs that you carry about yourself are often the hardest to break. Yet, if these beliefs are limiting you from living the life of your dreams, then it is important to deconstruct the thought pattern and build new pathways to follow.

The next time you find yourself talking negatively to yourself or about yourself, question the validity of what you’re saying. Ask yourself to provide supporting evidence of any limiting beliefs that you hold.

Let’s say that you feel like a fraud at work. Examine that closer. Are you a dishonest person? What have you done that is fraudulent? If you have no supporting evidence, then whose beliefs have you embodied as your own? If your evidence is from childhood, then isn’t it time to forgive yourself and move on?

When your beliefs about yourself are challenged, you have to find a way to maneuver around it. The goal is not to counteract each objection and then return to your old belief as though you moved around a fallen branch and returned to your well-worn path. Instead, build a new path. Build a pattern of thinking in which you build a strong case for your positive attributes and create automatic thought patterns that strengthen you.

From the example above, come up with evidence to support your honesty and integrity. Notice how you are authentic in what you are doing at work. Build a case for your honesty and authenticity that is stronger than any lingering evidence that you may be a fraud. Practice a new way of thinking that validates your experience and supports your dreams and forward movement.

What is one belief that you have about yourself that is holding you back from becoming the person that you most want to be? It is time to cut your ties to that pattern of thinking and set yourself free. You have the strength to change. Challenge the belief and begin practicing new thoughts that will lay down positive ruts in your mind. Turn your negative thoughts into positive affirmations.

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