Are you searching for passion? Consider this.

Do you feel like you have to find your passion to have lasting happiness?

Are you frustrated that others seem to know what their passion is and you are feeling a little lost?

Have you ever stopped to question what it means to have passion?  If you don’t know the real nature and meaning of the word, then it cannot guide you.

Here are a few definitions:

  1. A powerful emotion, such as love, joy, hatred, or anger
  2. Strong and barely controllable emotion – a state or outburst of such emotion
  3. Feelings, desires, or emotions, as contrasted with reason
  4. Boundless enthusiasm and the object of that enthusiasm

Looking at this list I am not so sure that I want to live with passion.  Who wants to live with barely controllable emotions or to have outbursts of emotions as part of your daily life?  Chances are good that you are not looking for hatred or anger. Whether the emotions of passion are good or bad, I don’t want my desires to be stronger than my ability to handle them and still have reason in my life.  How about you?

There is a really important distinction that needs to be made when it comes to finding your passion in life.  Your desires are beautiful and you can let the things you want in life to guide you to the best expression of your soul.  Want what you want but don’t become attached to external things in hope of finding yourself.

Bring passion in the form of enthusiasm and drive into everything that you choose to do with your life.  You do not have a single passion out there waiting to be found – you have the ability to bring the essence of life into everything you do.  Living with passion – with desire –  is a skill that can be cultivated through a change in perception about the tasks you undertake.

When you seek for passion outside yourself or attach it to the material world, you are setting yourself up to feel as though you are never whole.   As the following story of White Buffalo Calf Woman reminds us, “Have no fear, you shall have what you desire. If first you seek the Great Spirit, you will find that what you need from the earth will come readily into your hands. But if you first seek to secure your earthly desires and forget the spirit, you will die inside.”

You already have your passion within you – the spark of life. You just need to awaken it so that it can be of service to others rather than an illusive goal to be chased.

As you move forward, make a point to ask yourself the following questions when pursuing any new found passions:

  1. Am I of service?
  2. Does this feel aligned with my entire being?
  3. How do I feel and how do I want to feel?
  4. Can I picture my desires fulfilled as I pursue this endeavor?
  5. How can I cultivate enthusiasm in all areas of my life?
A Message from the Horses
Download this guided meditation to tune into horse energy.

Relax in the heart-energy of Equus and hear what they are calling you to do.

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