A Journey through the Heart with Horses

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A Journey through the Heart with Horses

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Join Stef P. Durham on a journey through the heart to delve deeper into the concepts discussed in Soulful Horsemanship.  This book is full of 49 heart opening essays that will encourage you to build a stronger relation ship with your horse.  Challenge yourself to see a new perspective, communicate differently, and step into your authentic power to transform your riding.

Your horse can lead you to new levels of awareness and wellbeing that can carry you through life.  The questions asked of you are designed to give you the tools to reflect on your own heart desires.  Your biggest challenge is to know yourself more completely.  Your journey is unique to you.

Invite your horse to walk a different path with you – a path that leads to a meaningful and beneficial connection.  With your horse by your side you have the ideal partner to become courageous enough to start living with true authenticity and purpose.

The essays in this book are based on the concepts discussed in Soulful Horsemanship yet they also stand on their own if you are looking for a sweet book that dives deep into the idea of applying spiritual principles in the barn.

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A Journey through the Heart with Horses Ebook

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Receive 7 inspiring essays on intentional communication - the heart of Soulful Horsemanship.

"Who you are is speaking so loudly that I can't hear what you are saying." - Ralph Waldo Emerson