A Heart’s Journey through Intentional Communication

Learn to communicate more clearly with your horse

All solid relationships hinge on good communication.  You cannot have a positive impact on your horse until you have built an understandable language between horse and human.  Clear communication is the key to building an empowered partnership in which you work together with trust, harmony, and understanding.

“A must read for anyone seeking healing within themselves and to learn more about improving their understanding of the relationship with the horse.”
– A Soulful Horsemanship Reader

What to expect from this free gift:

A Journey through the Heart with Horses is a series of 49 essays based on the concepts discussed in Stef P. Durham’s first book Soulful Horsemanship.  Enter your name and email address below to receive the seven essays based on the fifth chapter of Soulful Horsemanship entitled Intentional Communication.  Below is a brief overview of the topics covered in this FREE download.

  1. Define Communication. Before we can have a meaningful discussion about communication, it is helpful to understand what, exactly, it means to communicate.  Learn five ways to think about your interactions with your horse.
  2. Translate Your Desire. Training is a series of requests based our desires.  Learn about the importance of reading energy and using intention to communicate clearly.
  3. Teach with Patience. Developing and teaching a new language brings a host of learning opportunities.  Learn how to work through frustrations.
  4. Become a Mirror for your Horse. You can teach your horse through the way you feel, think, and move.  Learn three specific techniques to help you gain better results in your riding and training.
  5. Release Your Tension.  Physical, mental, and emotional tension all effect your ability to communicate clearly and compassionately.  Learn more about finding balance.
  6. Ride off a Whisper.  How wonderful would it feel to work in harmony with your horse?  Learn three techniques to communicate with compassion to build trust.
  7. Shine a New Light on Punishment and Reward.  We do not only communicate our requests, we also communicate our pleasure and displeasure.  Learn about a new way to think about punishment and reward.
Build a strong relationship with your horse
with clear, concise, compassionate communication skills

Receive 7 inspiring essays on intentional communication - the heart of Soulful Horsemanship.

"Who you are is speaking so loudly that I can't hear what you are saying." - Ralph Waldo Emerson